Xbox Series S: This detachable screen transforms the console into a portable machine

xScreen Xbox Series S
xScreen Xbox Series S (Image credit: UPspec Gaming)

The Xbox Series S can be transformed into a portable gaming machine thanks to xScreen, a new, third-party detachable display created by UPspec Gaming.

UPspec Gaming, an Australia-based gaming accessories startup, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital for xScreen. News of the crowdfunding project spread like wildfire, captivating the gaming world as Xbox fans salivated over the thought of bringing their Series S on the road.

xScreen transforms the Xbox Series S into portable gaming machine

UPspec Gaming seeks to resolve several nuisances of traditional gaming consoles that must be hooked to a TV, including a kid being blocked from playing his favorite game because his mom wants to watch The Bachelorette and a traveling gamer who suffers from separation anxiety.


xScreen for the Xbox Series S (Image credit: UPspec Gaming)

This is where xScreen, a detachable panel, swoops in to save the day. The Xbox Series S accessory is an 11.6-inch display with 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. The xScreen display attaches to the Xbox Series S via the HDMI and USB ports.

"The USB powers the xScreen while the HDMI provides the screen and audio signal. The only cable required is the original power cable that came with the Xbox Series S," UPspec Gaming said.

After securing the side latches and plugging in the power cable, it's game time. UPspec Gaming boasts that with the xScreen display, the Series S's power and performance can now be taken anywhere (as long as there's an outlet), transforming the gaming console into a portable, travel-friendly machine.

"We developed xScreen so that we could keep gaming when the big screen at home is not available or when we are visiting friends, going on holiday or anywhere else we want to still play full-power console games away from a fixed screen," UPspec Gaming added.


xScreen (Image credit: UPspec Gaming)

The xScreen gives the Series S a laptop form factor. Like a display lid, the xScreen can be closed shut so you can shove it inside a backpack or wherever else you want to store the portable console.

If xScreen hits the market, it will retail for about $250. However, Kickstarter backers can get a discount if they contribute at least $195 to the crowdfunding campaign as an "Early Bird." UPspec Gaming has a starting initial goal of $9,650, but already amassed a whopping $71,000 as of this writing.

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