Xbox Game Pass will get this awesome new feature — bad news for PS5

Xbox Series X Project xCloud Xbox Game Pass
(Image credit: Xbox)

Xbox Series X head Phil Spencer recently confirmed in an Xbox Wire blog post that the forthcoming cloud-gaming service, Project xCloud, would be coming to the subscription-based gaming service Xbox Game Pass.

We think it should be called Xbox Game Pass Mega Ultimate because combining both services together all but guarantees Xbox's place in the top spot against PS5.

Project xCloud will be included with Xbox Game Pass

In the Xbox Wire post, Spencer writes, "Later this year our cloud game streaming technology, Project xCloud, will come to Game Pass—so you and your friends can stream and play the games you love together on your devices."

This makes it sound like Project xCloud will be included with Xbox Game Pass for free, but that's unclear. If it's not free, we imagine it will get bundled together, similar to how Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC all in one deal.

Regardless, offering up Project xCloud like this gives the Xbox Series X a feature similar to what the Nintendo Switch has: portability. You'll be able to play Xbox games anywhere you want on the go, which will effectively leave the PS5 behind in terms of the ease of access.

We're excited to get hands-on time with Project xCloud and a chance to fully review it when it launches. There's no official launch date yet, so you'll just have to stay tuned for that.

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