Windows 11 will greatly improve PC gaming with auto-HDR and direct storage

Windows 11 Gaming
(Image credit: Microsoft)

During Microsoft's Windows event, the company revealed information on how Windows 11 would enhance gaming experiences. That includes features like Auto-HDR, which will automatically utilize High Dynamic Range to increase color depth. 

The addition of Direct Storage into Windows 11 also means that load times will be reduced and game developers have the potential to preset more expansive worlds thanks to lightning fast rendering speeds. And thanks to NVMe SSD, we can expect the next generation of gaming to look far different, even on PC.

Windows 11

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Additionally, Xbox Game Pass is built into Windows 11 through the Xbox App. PC games from both Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda will be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers as soon as they launch. This also provides access to EA Play, while Microsoft is comitted to cross-play and the ability to seamlessly jump between devices to continue gaming. Microsoft claims "This is the 'best Windows ever for gaming.'"

Check out more of what's new in Windows 11 here:

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