Uh oh! Apple just broke something with the iOS 16.5 update

iOS 16.5
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iPhone's latest iOS 16.5 update offered granular changes: A new wallpaper, an Apple News sports tab and Siri screen recordings. But it appears that the update has done more harm than good, with certain users reporting that an important feature of their iPhone is no longer functioning since said update.

The officially branded Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter is now no longer compatible with iOS 16.5. Several users on Apple's official community threads are reporting this problem, with tons of users replying to the original post with the same issue.

iOS 16.5 just broke something

iOS 16.5 breaking compatibility with this accessory isn't just impacting users who purpose it as a camera adapter, as the inclusion of a USB 3.0 Type-A and Type-C allows various use cases. In the Amazon reviews, some attached their electric piano, mechanical keyboard and microphone. In those same reviews, one user also reports that it was "so far so good till I updated to iOS 16.5."

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The cause of this issue is unknown at the moment, with Apple support unable to help customers suffering from this abrupt software flaw. It is a truly fascinating conundrum on how the simple inclusion of three minor features could break USB connectivity with one specific accessory. I cannot wait for the software detectives to unravel the cause of this.

iOS 16.5 was launched very shortly before WWDC 2023 officially begins on June 5, with the certain promise of iOS 17 on the horizon. Regardless of if another iOS update is pushed out to fix this issue soon, it'll likely be patched when iOS 17 is in everyone's hands. Even then, many users are clamoring for it to be fixed as soon as possible.

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