iOS 16.5 is dropping soon — 3 new features coming to your iPhone

Rumored iPhone 15 Ultra may take the place of the Pro Max (iPhone 14 Pro Max shown)
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iOS 16.5 is launching soon. Don't expect any mind-blowing features, though. After all, the Cupertino-based tech giant is poised to announce iOS 17 at WWDC 2023. As such, Apple is likely saving its most exciting features for the next major update.

So what are these changes that were so important that Apple couldn't wait a few weeks? Well, they're not all that exciting, but without further ado, here are the three new things coming to iOS 16.5.

1. Siri Screen Recordings

Perhaps the most useful feature coming to iOS 16.5 is that you can now begin screen recordings without touching your phone. By saying "Hey Siri, start a screen recording," she will begin to do so. You can also ask her to stop when you're ready for it to end. 


Siri (Image credit: Apple)

This could be really useful for those who want to capture some important moment on their screen, but don't have the time to pick up their iPhone and dig through several menus to get it started. I've certainly had this happen to me, so it's a solid feature to implement. Alternatively, I am imagining the hilarity of Siri mishearing and accidentally starting a recording of some sensitive information on the user's phone.

2. Pride Wallpaper

While this may not necessarily be a feature, it is a welcome addition to the iOS ecosystem. It is directly coupled with the 2023 Pride Band for the Apple Watch, designed to fit its physical make perfectly.

Apple Unveils 2023 Pride Band -- how to get it

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However, it's not just for Apple Watch — anyone with iOS 16.5 installed can access this wallpaper. While it may seem like a small thing, it will probably behave in typical Apple fashion and have all sorts of unique and fun animations that you typically can't find through other wallpapers.

3. Apple News Sports Tab

If you're a frequent user of Apple News, iOS 16.5 implements a Sports Tab at the bottom for easy access. 

Sports tab

New Sports tab in Apple News (Image credit: Reddit/@epmuscle)

On the bottom bar of Apple News now rests tabs for Today, News+, Sports, Audio and Following. This is a huge change; it showcases the importance Apple is placing in sports content across the board. 

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