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This Hitman 3 trailer set in Dubai is some Mission Impossible stuff

Hitman 3's first 5 minutes in Dubai is some Mission Impossible stuff
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

If you're dying for some more Hitman 3 content, check out this 5-minute clip of Agent 47 scaling the tallest skyscraper in the world to reach a secret society of baddies.

Game Informer got its hands on Hitman 3 for PC and shared the first five minutes of gameplay on YouTube.

Hitman 3 Dubai gameplay trailer

In the trailer, we see Agent 47 scaling the Burj Khalifa, or as the game likes to call it, the Top of the World. 47's traversal up the tower isn't as daring as a Mission Impossible stunt, but it looks just as cool.

One of the more noticeable graphical improvements we see is the reflections on the building from the exterior. It's unclear whether it was ray traced or through another means, but we could see everything from Agent 47 to the hot air balloons in the sky behind him. 

We also see 47 break through an electronic lock by using a camera, which seems to be a new game mechanic. Apart from that, the trailer is less of a gameplay demo and more of a showcase of the graphics. We do get a short tour of the building's interior and there's an impressive amount of detail put into the assets and textures.

Stay tuned for more Hitman 3 info, as we look forward to the game launching on January 20, 2021.