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Logitech webcams are selling out: Here's where to get one

(Image credit: Logitech)

I never thought we'd see the day when toilet paper would be such a rare gem in our society, but the lower-body hygiene product isn't the only commodity growing increasingly scarce. The best webcams are now the new toilet paper rolls.

As government officials and health advocates issue mandates for social distancing, a sizable chunk of the global workforce is now working from home. Webcams, as a result, have been flying off the shelves -- and now there are very few in stock (except webcams from price-gouging resellers).

Logitech dominates the webcam market. According to AndroidPolice, you may not be able to snag a webcam from Best Buy or Walmart, but Logitech still has some cameras in stock in its online store.

So yes, you can actually purchase the Logitech C920 Pro, a long-time favorite of our editors, without getting the frustrating message that you'll have to purchase on backorder.

(Image credit: Logitech)

Logitech, perhaps to curb panic buying and profit opportunists, imposed a five-item limit per customer. As of this writing, purchases over $29.99 have free shipping but don't expect super-quick delivery.

"The company says shipment times might be longer than usual, but receiving a webcam later is probably still better than not receiving one at all," AndroidPolice correctly notes.