The Xbox app now tells you if your PC can't handle a game — how it works

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Wouldn't it be nice to get a detailed rundown of how well a game will perform on your PC before you purchase and install it? Don't worry! Microsoft found a solution via its brand spankin' new Game Performance Fit Indicator (GPFI). 

GPFI is a new Xbox app feature that will allow users to determine whether a title will run smoothly and efficiently on their gaming system before committing to the game in any way. Microsoft stated that GPFI will rely on information collected from other players' PCs to make its predictions.

New Game Performance Fit Indicator headed to the Xbox app

Xbox app's new GPFI feature will be like a fortune teller gamers can visit to gain foresight on whether their systems are fit enough to handle their desired titles. As mentioned, instead of a crystal ball, the GPFI will collect data from previous players to dole out predictions on how well a game will perform on one's PC.

How does it work? Well, according to an Xbox blog post published on Thursday, it compares a game's performance on PCs that have specs similar to your system, and with that information, it generates a well-informed report on how the title is expected to run for you.

However, the downside of this is that newly listed games will not have enough information for the GPFI to accurately determine whether users' gaming rigs are up to par.

"As we continue to learn about the performance of a game on similar PCs, you may not see a performance check for every game (especially recently added games) until we have enough information to share a recommendation. Keep checking back!" Senior Product Manager Lead Tila Nguyen said in the blog post.

Microsoft began testing the GPFI last December and the Xbox team says it's beginning to roll out the feature now. Users with access to GPFI can simply click on a title and get details on how "fit" their system is to run the game. The feature will also offer details on what system requirements are needed to launch the game with ease.

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