The best cases for Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 cases
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Samsung's Galaxy S23 lineup was announced this week and if you jumped on one of the excellent Galaxy S23 pre-order deals you should get ready for your phone's arrival on February 17 by picking up one of the best Galaxy S23 cases. 

The rest of the Galaxy S23 lineup joined the Ultra this year with the polarizing minimal industrial look with exposed lenses that debuted on the S22 Ultra now replacing the Contour Cut Camera housing. Love it or hate it the new design screams for a case to avoid setting those exposed lenses directly down on anything.

When picking the best cases, we care about three things: aesthetics, durability, and price. Unless you're on a construction site you probably don't want anything so bulky that it renders the phone unpocketable, so we’ve handpicked the best options we've found so far that offer you protection without ruining the look and feel of the phone.

Picking up a Galaxy S23? Here are the best deals.

Best Galaxy S23 cases

Get a screen protector

Best Galaxy S23 screen protector

Spigen EZ Fit Galaxy S23 screen protector

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And while we’re recommending some cases, let’s pay attention to protecting that display. Screen protectors are available at plenty of price points with varying degrees of quality. It could be tempting to get that dirt cheap plastic film, but stop right there!

Chances are they will not be the correct size to fully cover your screen and thanks to the cheaper material, they are not actually scratch resistant.

So what’s our recommendation? Personally, I always go for one of two.

Spigen EZ FIT glass screen protector

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The 9H tempered glass provides tonnes of protection and the adhesive is strong enough to last throughout the duration of your ownership of the Galaxy S23.

And it comes with an alignment frame, so you can get it perfectly lined up without breaking a sweat. You can pick one up directly from Spigen.

Belkin ScreenForce Screen Protector

Available directly from Belkin, this tempered glass screen protector provides edge-to-edge coverage with a chemically toughened surface to prevent any scratches or scuffs.

You also get an easy-align tray to get the perfect placement of your screen protector every time.

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