SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith launches Dec. 14, introduces Combat Styles and Origin Stories

Legacy of the Sith
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Star Wars: The Old Republic fans have been anxiously awaiting the next expansion, but they won't have to wait much longer for the Legacy of the Sith. BioWare unveiled today that the expansion is launching on December 14.

BioWare not only unveiled the release date and new character but also how they revamped the classes and origin stories. Here's everything we know so far about SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith.

SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith - Everything we know

First things first: BioWare is giving players a free Tau Idair Stronghold Decoration, which you can redeem on the SWTOR website by typing in the code LotsOfTau.

In Legacy of the Sith, players will find themselves in the water planet of Manaan (no there's still no swimming, unfortunately). The Sith Empire has invaded Manaan and is trying to seize Kolto (healing property) for themselves, leaving the Republic high and dry.

There's also a new flashpoint (which is available on test servers now) called Elom, which will have the players continue the hunt for Darth Malgus. He has been spotted investigating ruins in Elom that belong to another Sith called Darth Null. The Republic and the Empire have sent people there, but both have gone silent, and that's what initially brings the players there.

There's a new operation (or raid) called The R-4 Anomaly, which sees the players head into deep space to fight a new threat. The R-4 installation is an Empire secret base but has been since taken over by a splinter group within the Empire called the Unmasked. They are apparently obsessed with how the dark side of the force can connect with technology, but both the Empire and the Republic want to stop them.

Some of the characters that will be present in Legacy of the Sith (new and old) are Darth Malgus, Major Anri, Arn Peralun, Lana Beniko, Tau Idair, Darth Rivix, Colonel Gallo, Colonel Korrd, and Darth Norok.

Some big changes are coming to the classes. BioWare is introducing Origin Stories and Combat Styles. Originally, you had your class that determined your character's fighting style and story, but then you get your advanced class at a certain level which changed your fighting style. However, with the Origin Stories and Combat Styles, you can separate the story you want to experience from the class you want to play. 

Additionally, Combat Styles lets you choose from any two different styles within the subgroups of tech or force. These changes ensure that you're not nearly as limited in your class and story choices while playing.

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