Surface Pro 7 random shutdowns are making Microsoft customers lose faith

Surface Pro 7
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Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 is among the best 2-in-1 laptops for those who want the convenience of a tablet but the power and productivity of a laptop. In our Surface Pro 7 review, we gave the hybrid device a 4-star rating for its bright display and zippy performance. 

Unfortunately, some Surface Pro 7 owners are having a 1-star experience with the device. As Notebookcheck reports, multiple forums threads on Microsoft's website are filled with angry customers complaining about their Surface Pro 7 randomly shutting down. 

The problem is widespread enough for a Microsoft employee to step in and assure everyone that the issue is being monitored. 

In one thread, user GargyaMalla describes the issue, "If the device stays ideal for a minute it directly shuts down. I have checked all the sleep and power settings and that's not an issue. I see this was an issue in previous versions too. Any fix?"  

Microsoft has an "I have the same question" button for users encountering the same problem. So far, 537 people have clicked it. 

When the post went up, a Microsoft agent quickly stepped in with instructions for a potential fix. However, several users say their tablet continues to shut down after completing the steps. The thread about random Surface Pro 7 shutdowns is now 28 pages long and growing with the newest posts added on April 15. 

The problems appear to exist across all Surface Pro 7 model, no matter your configuration. There doesn't appear to be a one-size-fits-all fix but some folks have had luck by making certain changes.

Surface Pro 7 shutting down: What to do

If your Surface Pro 7 is randomly shutting down, try changing the default sleep time in your settings. Type "Sleep" in the search bar and select "Power and sleep settings."  From here, change the sleep time from the default 5 minutes. 

You should also ensure you've downloaded the latest software update for your tablet. Again, head over to the search bar and type "Search for updates." On the next page press the Check for updates box. 

If that doesn't work, I'm afraid you might need to send your device in or get Microsoft's support team on the phone. Microsoft hasn't provided a satisfactory resolution for these random shut down problems and other user-posted solutions are complicated and won't work for everyone. 

We'll leave this link to the forum post so you can scan through it for answers while you wait for Microsoft to step up. 

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