Sony’s rumored PS5 earbuds could fix the PSVR 2's biggest flaw

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Sony has gotten to work on wireless earbuds designed for the PS5 according to a report from Insider Gaming. PlayStation is no stranger to launching headsets like the Pulse 3D, which is specifically made for the PS5, but wireless earbuds are a whole new territory for the company. However, this timing seems a little more than coincidental.

PSVR 2 launches on February 22, and with it comes no built-in audio. This means that you'll either have to wear a headset while immersed in the VR world or just let the audio play through your TV. You could also set up speakers, but it's likely going to be less enthralling than having the audio playing directly into your ears. 

The PSVR 2 is designed to accommodate headsets, particularly Sony's Pulse headsets, allowing them to seamlessly fit around your ears without getting in the way of your VR hardware. But even then, having to wear a headset while moving around and engaging with the digital world might be a bit cumbersome. It's also hard to imagine anyone would want that many heavy pieces of hardware attached to their head.

Project Nomad, which is what Sony is currently calling its PS5 wireless earbuds, could solve this issue. Rather than lugging around a weighty headset while in VR, you can just put your earbuds in and enjoy. While this isn't confirmed to be the reason why PlayStation is developing these earbuds, the timing is suspicious.

According to Tom Henderson's report, Project Nomad is expected to launch within 2023's fiscal year. They'll have approximately five hours of battery life and will come with a charging case that can be connected to the PS5. We also are aware of a new PS5 wireless headset in development codenamed Voyager, which will launch at a similar time. Price points for either product are not determined yet.

We're especially excited to see how Project Nomad will shift the landscape for PSVR 2 and make it a less cumbersome experience for those looking to get deeply immersed in their VR games.

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