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Samsung working on 600MP smartphone camera : Here’s what we know

Samsung Galaxy S21 600MP Camera
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has been working on taking the smartphone camera to a whole new level. Forget 50-megapixels or even 100MP, Samsung has been working on an astounding 600MP camera for an upcoming smartphone. 

Reliable leaker, Ice Universe, tweeted a photo showing a slide from what appears to be an internal Samsung presentation in regards to the new camera. The leak reveals that the camera with its massive sensor will be capable of zooming in on 4K or 8k videos without loss of resolution or image quality. 

Ice Universe Tweet

(Image credit: Samsung )

As nice as having a 600MP camera could be, according to the render the camera module itself will affect the thickness of the unit and overall size. Obviously, Samsung has thought of this and must be already working on making such a camera smaller. 

Samsung has experience in this area being the only company to have developed a 108MP ICOCELL camera that's actually already in use on phones today. However, 600MP is a huge jump from 108MP and even with ISOCELL sensor experience, Samsung may take a while to bring a smartphone with the 600MP camera module to the market. 

The other question is, does anyone truly need 600MP? What would the uses be for such a camera module? Looks like we will find out soon.