Samsung Galaxy S30 leaks — the upcoming flagship phone gets a huge battery boost

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The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S30 is still up in the air, but while we're impatiently waiting for the next-generation smartphone, we've got a juicy scoop that will excite fans of the flagship device — the Galaxy S30 is reportedly getting a battery upgrade.

Ninety-five percent of consumers say that battery life is the most important factor when it comes to their smartphones. And according to a new leak unveiled by the Dutch website GalaxyClub, Samsung is giving the people what they want (via TechRadar).

The Samsung Galaxy S30 may get big battery boost

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is packed with a 4,500 mAh battery, which is an upgrade from its predecessor's 4,100 mAh battery. The Korea-based tech giant is reportedly continuing its battery-boost trend with the upcoming Galaxy S30, stuffing it with a 4,800 mAh battery.

GalaxyClub, without revealing its source, reported that it has received some information about a battery labeled "EB-BG996ABY," and it is associated with a phone model tagged as "SM-G996," which GalaxyClub says is the Plus variant of the upcoming S30 line.

This battery, according to GalaxyClub, has a "rated" capacity of 4,660 mAh, but it could have a "typical" capacity of about 4,800 mAh. Rated capacity is the measurement of battery energy claimed by the manufacturer while typical capacity tells us about the battery's performance during real-world conditions.

These numbers come from GalaxyClub's observation of the current S20 Plus — its battery has a rated capacity of 4,370 mAh, but its typical capacity is 4,500 mAh. Therefore, there's speculation that the Galaxy S30 Plus will offer 300 mAh more during real-world testing.

Of course, enduring battery life isn't just a result of a high-capacity battery. There are many other factors that affect battery life, including internal thermal solutions, display size and power-conscious software.

GalaxyClub mentioned that the Galaxy S30 lineup is expected to hit store shelves early 2021, so we'll simply have to wait until we get our hands on the next-gen smartphone to see if it will give us that never-ending runtime we all crave.

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