Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leak reveals game-changing features — why bother with iPhone 15 Pro?

Samsung Galaxy S24
(Image credit: Technizo Concept)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leaks are dropping, and we’re hearing some very exciting updates are coming for the ultra premium phone — including huge camera upgrades and a display update.

Shared by the pretty reliable tipster SamLover, not only can you look forward to all the above, but a long awaited feature could be coming too. Something we expected in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but never materialized.

Huge updates — getting Apple nervous

Samsung Galaxy S24

(Image credit: Technizo Concept)

What has been reportedly confirmed by this leak? Well the first big update comes to the display, which jumps from the familiar 120Hz refresh rate to a beastly 144Hz — falling in line with what we see on a lot of our best gaming laptops. This ensures a super silky frame rate across all Android games (as if they needed to be any more smooth).

Secondly, the inevitable upgrade to Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. This is less of a surprise, and more of a formality by now, given each new year the galaxy phone gets the latest of Qualcomm’s silicon.

Third, you can look forward to updates to that 200MP main camera. These will be more fundamental tweaks to the sensor and image processing, which will allow it to better capture more realistic color. Beyond that, SamLover also highlighted a potential update to the zoom lens capability.

And finally, if ever you’re out of signal range and in an emergency situation, satellite connectivity looks set to make its debut on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.


Samsung Galaxy S24

(Image credit: Technizo Concept)

So, here we are. Rumors around the iPhone 15 Pro are discussing smaller feature tweaks like removing the mute switch and replacing it with an action button. But Samsung is swinging for the fences with a huge display upgrade, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, and introducing satellite connectivity.

With these upgrades, the Ultra looks set to continue its reign as the monster premium smartphone of the bunch. But of course, these are just supposed leaks — please do take them with a pinch of salt. However, color us excited if any of these are true.

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