Resident Evil Village: Here's Lady Dimitrescu’s feet size

Resident Evil Village: Here's Lady Dimitrescu’s feet size
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The main villain of Resident Evil Village, Lady Dimitrescu, took the world by storm, as people became completely enamored by this 9'6 tall woman and her sharp, deadly nails.

Of course, in an interview with IGN, they asked Art director Tomonori Takano about Lady Dimitrescu's design, and eventually made it down to her shoe size, which is a whopping 17.3 inches. Are y'all happy now?

Other important new Resident Evil Village details

"The game’s core concept of a village setting was decided in the early stages of development,” says director Morimasa Sato. “After that, we started thinking about the characters. In order to create an appealing village with a sense of place, the characters that live there are extremely important. For the main enemy characters, we thought about the area each one would be in and the kind of experience they could provide."

The game draws a few similarities to Resident Evil 4, which isn't a bad thing at all, as it's one of the more popular and well-beloved games in the series, right next to the Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7. 

Sato did add that, "There are quite a few other characters with a similar impact as Lady Dimitrescu in Village, so you can look forward to that,” which is exciting. We have yet to see more about the werewolf character. 

"All the enemy types inside the castle are female. With Lady Dimitrescu as the cult’s guru, we have created this hierarchy of women. Men have their blood drained by these women, so you could say it’s the opposite of Dracula," says Sato. "Outside, in front of the castle, you can see bodies that have had their blood drained, looking like skinny scarecrows, and all of them are men. It’s a setting in which women are very strong."

There are plenty of interesting details in the full interview that you can read, but it's exciting to get some insight about some of the design choices in Resident Evil Village outside of Lady Dimitrescu’s feet size, but I know that's why you're really here.

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