PS5 will have new trophy levels — Here is how they work

PlayStation Trophy Changes
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Sony recently announced in a blog post that it would be making changes to the PlayStation Trophy system. This update is likely meant to accompany the PS5's launch, as the console's release is now just over a month away. 

A big change accompanying the update is that Trophy levels will no longer range from 1-100. Instead, the maximum Trophy level has been drastically boosted to 999. This is to make leveling up easier, as many players (like me) hovered around levels 10 to 20 on the PS3 and PS4.

This means a player's current level will no longer be anywhere close to what it was previously. My Trophy level was 16, but it's now at 280.

Trophy level calculation is also shifting drastically. Not only will players "progress quicker through the early levels," but levels will "increase more consistently." This isn't particularly specific, but it's exciting to imagine how these changes will reflect the PlayStation experience.

However, the change die-hard PlayStation fans will be most excited about is that Platinum Trophies now contribute more to the player's total Trophy level than before, making them far more valuable to attain. This should be even more rewarding for Platinum Trophy fanatics who get that surge of adrenaline when they've successfully completed a Trophy list.

Players will also receive a new icon next to their Trophy level depending on the progress they've made. Levels 1-299 will receive a Bronze icon, 300-599 will receive a Silver icon, 600-998 will receive a Gold icon, and those who've managed to get to level 999 will receive a very stylish Platinum badge.

PlayStation Trophy Changes

(Image credit: Sony)

If you're itching to see how these changes reflect your current Trophy level status, most players are able to access the updated Trophy levels through PlayStation's website. Once you're logged in, select "My PlayStation" and go to "Trophies." As you can see in the above image, I was easily able to see my new Trophy level.

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