Google Pixel 8 Pro leak leaves nothing to the imagination

Pixel 8 Pro front and back composite image
(Image credit: Google)

Google Pixel 8 Pro leaks and rumors should always be taken with a pinch of salt, but there’s one source that’s virtually gospel when the grapevine's lips get loose — Google themselves.

Unearthed by Dylan Roussel on X/Twitter, Google has recently begun hosting a Pixel Phone Simulator that gives users a chance to get to know its upcoming flagship device from all angles. We're just not entirely sure if we were meant to know about it yet.

Google Pixel 8 Probed

This is the most in-depth look at Google’s Pixel 8 Pro to date, and one we can bank on for providing wholly accurate information. Along with being able to take three color variants (Porcelain, Blue, and Black)  on a full 360-degree spin, Google has highlighted some of the key features Pixel 8 Pro owners will be enjoying after the smartphone's suspected October 4 launch date.

Sadly, detailed specifications aren’t included in the Pixel simulator, however, there’s enough to accurately depict what’s on offer — including confirmation of the Pixel 8 Pro’s new rear-facing temperature sensor.

Other labeled features detail the contents of the Pixel 8 Pro’s camera bar including a rear-facing camera array of a wide lens, ultrawide lens, and 5x telephoto lens. This is also where we find the aforementioned temperature sensor, alongside a rear-facing mic and LED flash.


Google's upcoming flagship is expected to launch on October 4, powered by the company's new Google Tensor G3 processor. That gives us a little more time to find out more about the device ahead of its official unveiling, with many of us excited to learn about its software capabilities when taking full advantage of the latest Android 14 OS.

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