Persona 4 Golden is now available on Steam

Persona 4 Golden Steam
(Image credit: ATLUS)

Persona 4 Golden just got suddenly dropped on Steam with little warning for $19.99. The game's new trailer can be watched here and has been updated with high-definition graphics and includes English and Japanese audio options. There's also a $24.99 Digital Deluxe Edition which comes with a downloadable artbook and soundtrack.

If you didn't know, Persona 4 Golden is a critically-acclaimed Japanese role-playing game a part of the Shin Megami Tensei series. It was previously exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, so not many people got to get their hands on it. 

This is great news for fans, as it means ATLUS is willing to dip their toes into the PC gaming market and bring some of their best titles over to platforms like Steam.

ATLUS had also released Catherine Classic on PC in 2019, which is a port to the original Catherine which had released 9 years ago. This could mean we can expect the trend of ATLUS owned titles coming to PC to continue over the course of the coming years. 

Momo Tabari
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