OnePlus 11 battery life results are in — meet our new battery life champ

OnePlus 11
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In our OnePlus 11 review, we showed a variety of areas where the shockingly affordable phone managed to hold its own against phones that are $100 to $500 more expensive.

The most notable of these is its battery life, which at 13 hours and 10 minutes in our Laptop Mag battery test is enough to claim the top spot among current flagship phones in our phones with the best battery life

How does that stack up against Samsung and Apple's best?

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Battery life (hh:mm) (Adaptive 120Hz setting)
OnePlus 1113:10
iPhone 14 Pro Max13:07
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra12:22
iPhone 14 Plus11:58

While OnePlus has delivered excellent battery life for the last few years, this is another solid step up to carry it past Apple's longest-lasting iPhone ever and it's vastly more expensive Android counterpart the Galaxy S23 Ultra. 

The fact that it also joined the Galaxy S23 Ultra in crushing the iPhone 14 Pro Max's GPU performance and similarly closed the gap in the iPhone's CPU advantage to a single-digit percentage, we're thoroughly impressed with everything we've seen from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset so far.

We're still wrapping up our Galaxy S23 Ultra review and will be moving on to the Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 for some competition that is a little closer in price to the OnePlus 11, but we'll be surprised if any mainstream flagship overtakes its battery life before the iPhone 15 Ultra or Pro Max this fall.

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