Oculus Quest 2: New update adds 90Hz gaming, fitness tracker and more

Best VR Headsets: Oculus Quest 2
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Oculus Quest 2 is one of the hottest VR headsets this year, and this highly praised head-mounted display just got a new update from Facebook that's got the VR fanbase buzzing.

Software update v23 rolled out today, according to a recent Oculus Blog post, adding a host of highly requested features, including 90Hz gaming support, fitness tracking and app gifting (via AndroidCentral).

Oculus Quest firmware v23 rolls out on Nov. 13

Oculus Quest 2 isn't the only headset benefitting from Facebook's new update. The first-generation Oculus will be getting the same features. Oculus Quest 2 was released last month, and to the dismay of some users, the VR headset didn't have native 90Hz refresh-rate option for gaming despite being equipped with capable hardware.

At launch, 90Hz was only available for apps such as the Store and the Browser, but not gaming. Fortunately, with software update v23, 90Hz gaming support has now been added to the Oculus Quest line.

"You can try it out soon with SUPERHOTEcho VRBeat SaberVacation SimulatorJob SimulatorRacket: Nx, and Space Pirate Trainerall of which will support 90Hz in the near future. Once you have the v23 software and the latest game update for these titles, you’ll be running at 90Hz wirelessly on Quest 2, with no additional effort on your part," Oculus wrote.

The Facebook-owned VR company pledged that more games will support native 90Hz refresh rates in the future.

Update v23 also includes Oculus Move, a brand-spankin' new fitness tracker that works across all games and apps. Oculus Quest users can keep track their activity level, burned calories and other useful fitness statistics. These are all determined and measured by controller and headset movements. Gamers can also submit daily goals to Oculus Move to meet fitness objectives.

"It’s a great resource, whether you’re heavily invested in VR as part of your fitness regimen or just curious how a casual hour of Beat Saber compares to other activities," Oculus said.

If you've been wondering what to get your fellow Oculus Quest friends for Christmas, you're in luck because the VR giant is rolling out app gifting later this month. You'll be able to purchase games through the Oculus Store and send them to a loved one by simply clicking the "Buy a Friend" button.

Some features in this software update, specifically Oculus Move, is rolling out gradually. If you don't see the fitness tracker in your library, don't freak it out — you'll receive it slowly, but surely.

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