Nexus 4 Hack Lets Users Connect To T-Mobile’s LTE Network

Google’s Nexus 4 isn’t supposed to support LTE, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it on your phone with a little tweaking. Tech-savvy tinkerers discovered ways to activate the LTE chip within the phone before, and now T-Mobile’s newly announced 4G LTE network has made that task even easier.

According to posts in the XDA developer’s forum, some Nexus 4 owners are using custom ROMs, such as CM and AOKP, to connect to T-Mobile’s LTE network in areas such as San Jose, Houston and Las Vegas. These users also reported that they had to update the phone's APN settings and flash its 0.33 radio before successfully connecting.

Prior to Google's Android 4.2.2 update, Nexus 4 owners in Canada were able to get 4G LTE service by debugging the phone’s menu and connecting the device via band 4 (1700MHz and 2100MHz). However, the Nexus 4 no longer supported that band after updating to the second generation of Jelly Bean.

The cities listed above are among the first seven markets that will get LTE coverage from T-Mobile this year, along with Phoenix, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Kansas City. T-Mobile’s LTE network is fast, but the speeds will definitely vary from one device to the next. During our early testing at the carrier’s iPhone 5 launch event, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II trumped the provider’s iPhone 5 on We're curious to hear from those hackers who've tried these ROMs what sort of speeds they are seeing. 

via XDA 

Lisa Eadicicco
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