New Windows 11 features are invading your PC on March 14 — here's what you'll see

Windows 11 apps library
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is set to unleash new Windows 11 features to the general public on March 14 via what the company calls a "March 2023 quality update." The company states this is simply part of its continued monthly updates that users should be used to by now. 

The new update for Windows 11 is only a few days away, so let's discuss what you can expect.

Windows 11 'March 2023 quality update' — what to expect

According to a Microsoft blog post, the new update will bring new accessibility features. For example, the Redmond-based tech giant is bringing Voice Access out of preview, which lets everyone, including users with mobility disabilities, control their PC with their voice. Whether you're working on Microsoft Word or managing files in File Explorer, you can use Voice Access to ease your workflow.

Windows 11

Windows 11 (Image credit: Future)

As we mentioned last week, Microsoft has been pushing its AI-powered Bing search engine to the forefront, and it's official. The new-and-improved search engine will be built right into the Windows 11 taskbar.

Other noteworthy Windows 11 features that will arrive at your PC next week are listed below. 

  • iPhone users can now use iMessage on Windows 11 (via Phone Link)
  • Samsung users can easily transfer their browser sessions from their phone to their Windows PC with the Recent Websites feature
  • Windows Studio Effects (a collection of audio and video effects to customize your audio and video in any situation) is now easier to find and adjust from the taskbar in quick settings.
  • Quick Assist got enhanced. This feature lets others take control of your PC (with your permission of course) for technical support. It is now readily available from the Start Menu.
  • Widgets now include Phone Link, Xbox Game Pass, and other partners (e.g., Meta and Spotify).
  • New built-in screen recorder via the Snipping Tool.
  • Tabs for navigating Notepad, allowing you to switch between notes and lines of code.
  • Save on your power bill with the new Energy Recommendations feature, which lets you decide the best way to reduce power consumption for your needs.
  • The new File Explorer, harnessing the power of AI, is faster than ever.
  • Touch-optimized taskbar for 2-in-1 devices: Easily switch between an expanded or a collapsed taskbar to gain more screen space when needed.
  • Manage and access Cloud PCs from the Windows 365 App. The Windows 365 App is generally available in the Microsoft Store.
  • Hover over and easily rearrange all icons in the notification area (formerly known as the system tray), including the "Show hidden icons" flyout menu.

The company states in its recent blog that it is listening to its users and continues to update because they wish to improve the "Windows experience" while enhancing security and productivity. 

We will find out on March 14 if the latest update from Microsoft improves the user experience. Maybe they can finally make it easy to choose another default browser and not shove Bing AI down our throats. 

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