New PS5 is an entirely different beast with enhanced power efficiency and cooling

PS5 2022 Model
(Image credit: Austin Evans)

Sony's new PS5 (CFI-1202B) has been common knowledge for around a month now, and we learned last week that its lighter weight and different design could make it easier to purchase. We also learned about this new model around the same time when Sony announced the PS5's price hike, which might not be a coincidence.

But finally, someone has opened this bad boy up and told us exactly what's different. Austin Evans on YouTube offered an in-depth breakdown of everything that has changed between the consoles. Keep in mind, all of these measurements are for the Digital PS5 editions.

For example, he weighed all three models. The 2022 PS5 model weighed 7.3 pounds, while the 2021 and 2020 models weighed 7.8 pounds and 8.4 pounds, respectively. Essentially, the new PS5 is about 0.5 pounds lighter than the previous one.

Evans let all three models run on the same idle screen during a level in Astro's Playroom. He then measured the wattage consumption of each console to test their power efficiency. The 2022 PS5 pulled 201 watts, whereas the 2021 and 2020 pulled 229 watts and 218 watts, respectively. This is a significant improvement, especially since last year's model consumed more power than the launch version.

Evans also measured how hot these PS5 models run. The 2020 model hit 126.3°F, and while that may already seem hot, the 2021 model was as high as 145.4°F. This was a steep increase in temperature, but the 2022 model's hottest spot redeems the console with a return to around 126.5°F. Evans goes on to explain that the new PS5 spreads its heat more efficiently, with the temperatures evenly distributed between every exhaust on the back.

The YouTuber also measured how noisy each PS5 is. The 2020 model hit 48dB, the 2021 model hit 43dB, and the 2022 hit 45dB. These numbers are pretty close to one another, so it's hard to say this change is one that matters much. Regardless, it does seem like the new PS5 is technically a little louder.

The 2022 PS5 model is only available in Australia for now, so we recommend waiting before jumping the gun on purchasing this improved model. Overall, it's definitely not worth it for anyone who already owns one of the previous iterations, but if you were planning to purchase your first PS5 soon, you might as well wait until the CFI-1202B PS5 is in stock.

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