New PS5 weighs less and might make it easier to buy one

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PlayStation is no stranger to launching new console models every once in a while, and the PS5 is no different with its most recent rendition promising a slightly lighter package overall. This makes it the third model thus far, with what is currently called CFI-1200 boasting a couple of advantages over previous PS5 models.

The new Digital PS5 is now sitting at 7.5 pounds, with the previous model having weighed 7.9 pounds. This is a considerable change, especially since the very first Digital PS5 weighed around 8.6 pounds.

That number is nowhere near how much the disc-version of the PS5 weighed at first, launching at 9.9 pounds. The previous model weighed 9.3 pounds, while the latest model drops that all the way down to 8.6 pounds, making it as light as the Digital PS5 was when it first came out.

When the PS5 got lighter last time, it was due to the inclusion of a smaller heatsink. We're not yet sure what the new PS5 model changes, as it won't be fully launching until September 15. However, retailers in Australia have reported that they've already got their hands on it, which is how we know its weight.

We're unsure what has changed internally to make the new PS5 lighter, but it's been rumored that a new AMD 6nm chipset will make it easier for the PS5 to get produced at a faster rate. If this is true, it probably won't change performance much, but it should push the console out with greater efficiency thanks to how new the chip is.

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