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Microsoft Teams update makes collaborating even easier

Microsoft Teams Update
(Image credit: Microsoft )

The folks at Microsoft have been busy of late with a recent spate of updates to teams, the online meeting and collaboration app. 

In a recent Microsoft Roadmap post, Microsoft shared that it's developing a new feature that will allow users to "present your slides directly from PowerPoint for the web to a Teams meeting via PowerPoint Live."

This should simplify things a great deal and save time while in the Microsoft Teams app. 

Presenting in its current format can often be a painful experience, especially when you also have the added pressure of managing all the tech involved with host the meeting. Microsoft's goal is to make it all as seamless and stress-free as possible. 

Another new feature being added will help teams co-presenting presentations run smoothly. Using video conferencing software is pretty straightforward, but adding co-presenters into the mix can make things a little wonky,  with the focus bouncing between speakers. So Microsoft is also adding the ability to spotlight multiple co-presenters to deal with the inevitable awkwardness of collaborating over the video; it should help presentations more natural and smooth.