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Microsoft Teams update allows you to mute chatty colleagues

Microsoft Teams Mute
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Teams has been updating consistently and expanding app support to make the online meeting app more user-friendly and host more control over unruly team members. 

As per an entry in the company’s product roadmap, the new update will give greater flexibility and control when managing audio permissions, allowing meeting hosts to take action in real-time to any potential disruptions. 

The Microsoft Team stated, " Attendees no longer must request to speak for the organizer or presenters to allow them to unmute, and presenters and organizers can prevent individual attendees from unmuting instead of all attendees at once."

Although the new audio controls are still under development, they should be available soon. Ever since the pandemic, demand for online meeting capabilities has exploded exponentially. As a result. we've all have had to adjust to working from home, and our children have been learning remotely as well. With this new feature, administrators of a Microsoft Team meeting can silence an unruly participant if need be. 

The new management options will also allow the host to disable the video feed of any disruptive member. Having such tools is sadly necessary as some have grown tired of being locked down and can get antsy. The other being the popularity of Meeting Bombing, an occurrence that had become highly popular until Microsoft, Zoom, and Google all created ways to remove such individuals with post-haste.