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Microsoft Teams expands app support — watch out, Zoom

Microsoft Teams
(Image credit: Microsoft Teams)

Microsoft is not only adding video conferencing to its Microsoft Teams application but more work tools will arrive on the platform. 

By adding video capabilities, Microsoft Teams is targeting rival video conferencing platforms with the hopes of cutting into Zoom's market share. Microsoft Teams' user growth has exploded by more than 50% in the past six months to an astounding 115 million daily users. 

Users will now be able to integrate 20 new apps into Microsoft Teams. Apps such as Asana, Power Platform, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents now function within the Microsoft Teams environment. Having the ability to use these apps within the Teams environment is a move that goes directly after Slack, especially when you take into consideration the added "Together Mode." 

Microsoft is targeting different business platforms as it continues to add familiar functions from several popular business competitors' apps under the Microsoft Teams umbrella. 

Are we on the verge of a business app war? Time will tell.