Microsoft Flight Simulator lands on August 18: Airport and plane list

Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Microsoft Flight Simulator is slated to land on PC on August 18, and the game will come in three different versions.

Players who want to dabble with the game can get the standard version, which costs $60, while those who want a little more can ramp it up to either the $90 edition or the $120 edition. Here's what they all mean.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Aircrafts and Airports

With the standard edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator, you'll get 20 planes and 30 airports for $59.99, while the $89.99 deluxe edition nets you five additional planes and airports. An extra $30 for five planes and airports seems like a bit of a hike but we'll see if it's worth it when the game comes out.

The premium deluxe edition will get you 10 additional airplanes and airports from the standard edition. Again, this is another five airplanes and airports at a value of $30.

The Heathrow Airport (United Kingdom) and the San Francisco International Airport, as well as planes like the SR22 and the 787-10 Dreamliner, will cost you the premium package to unlock.

If you have Xbox Game Pass, you'll get access to Microsoft Flight Simulator for free, but it's unclear if any of the DLCs will come with it.

Below is a full list of aircraft and airports:

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