Microsoft Edge rolls out this new killer feature to reduce annoying distractions

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge is following in Google Chrome's footsteps to bring you a distraction-free web-browsing experience.

Earlier this month, we reported that Google rolled out a new feature that mutes abusive pop-up notifications on Chrome. Microsoft Edge is now offering a similar feature to its users, TechRadar reported.

Quieter pop-up notifications in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft wouldn't dare allow to Google Chrome get the upper hand in offering its users a less distracting web browsing experience with its "muted pop ups" feature. Consequently, the Redmond-based tech giant is using Chrome's quieter-notifications UI on Edge, too.

There are two types of pop-up notifications -- the unsolicited, pesky ones that drive you up the wall, and the helpful, useful messages (e.g. calendar alerts) that you welcome with open arms.

With this in mind, Microsoft isn't getting rid of notifications completely, but the Edge browser will reduce notification alerts to a bell icon located on the URL bar. This quieter feature blocks "flyout" pop-up notifications. If a website intends on sending you a pop-up message, the bell icon will alert you.

Microsoft Edge pop-up notifications

Bell icon for quieter pop-up notifications on Microsoft Edge. (Image credit: Microsoft)

If an Edge user wants to turn on pop-up notifications, he or she can click on the bell icon and select "Allow for this site."

"This treatment reduces the prominence of notification requests so the user can stay focused on their current task, but keeps the request at a noticeable location in the UI." Microsoft said in a recent blog

Microsoft Edge block notifications

You can opt-in to push notifications on Microsoft Edge by clicking on the bell icon. (Image credit: Microsoft)

This awesome anti-popups feature is now available to all Edge 84 users by default. You can disable the feature at edge://settings/content/notifications.

Microsoft said it has received high volumes of user feedback about the irksome influx of unwanted notifications, so we know this new feature is bringing much-needed relief to many Edge users around the world.

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