iPhone 14 could feature 8K video recording and a groundbreaking new camera sensor

Apple iPhone 14 Rumors 48-megapixel camera
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Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo dropped a few gems on us recently about the iPhone 14, which is due to debut in 2022. Most are excited about the supposed image sensor upgrades that are said to bring 8K video recording. 

The first gem of note is that Apple will drop the iPhone mini entirely after releasing the iPhone 13 this upcoming fall. The iPhone mini catered to those who shy away from larger phones but still want to enjoy 5G and Apple's A14 processor.

Sadly, sales reports for the iPhone mini proved the niche market wasn't large enough to keep producing the phone, and Apple supposedly cut supply chain orders due to lack of interest and sales. 

However, Kuo shared that even though Apple will no longer produce the mini, there will still be four phones marketed to the public, with two high-end Pro phones with 6.1 and 6.7-inch screens and two lower-end units with the same screen sizes as the Pro units but lower-end specs. 

Kuo then gave news destined to warm iPhone users' hearts. The iPhone 14 will be released with very impressive camera specs in 2022. He reported that the standard rear camera on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro max would come with 48-megapixels, a huge increase over the current iPhone 12's 12-megapixel image sensor. 

According to Kuo, Apple plans to put those 48-megapixels to good use with 8K video recording. This will also be available on the lower-end models that do not come with the improved image sensor. This makes us wonder whether there will be a difference in the quality of the video that the different sensors are capable of producing. 

Kuo also mentions in his report that the raw size of each pixel will be increasing from  1.7um of the iPhone 12 to 2.5um, which is a significant increase with larger pixels allowing more light to reach the image sensor and reduce image noise.  

While the image sensor will be 48-megapixels, it's been reported the image output may still be 12-megapixels in resolution as Apple may choose to use a smart calling algorithm that will take the 48-megapixels of data and create a 12-megapixel image with a huge increase in details and a major decrease in noise. 

Will iPhone devotees even invest in an iPhone 13 knowing that a new image sensor is on the horizon for 2022? Only time will tell. 

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