iOS 17 tipped to support Apple’s new AR/VR headset — what we know

iOS 17 tipped to support Apple’s new AR/VR headset — what we know
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It's only been a few days since iOS 16.3 was released, bringing new features, bug fixes, and security keys for your iPhone. However, the Apple rumor mill never stops churning, and we're already hearing rumors about iOS 17 and what it will bring to the table. 

The most intriguing rumor is that iOS 17 will come with a new app in support of the rumored Apple VR/AR headset. Now all of this needs to be taken with a grain of salt as the article published at HowToiSolve comes from LeaksApplePro, a leaker with an inconsistent track record.

What we're hearing

According to the leak, a new app, similar to the Apple Watch app, will come within iOS 17 to add support for the Cupertino-created VR/AR headset. The app is said to expand its capabilities and offer a better and more immersive user experience.

There will also be improvements and changes to several other apps, like Mail, Reminders, Files, and Fitness. The goal is to have all the apps meld seamlessly with the new AR/VR headset, rumored to share connectivity with several Apple devices. Imagine opening your Apple Wallet app while using the headset, and it looks like you're opening and operating your physical wallet. Imagine snapping your fingers and opening an email; it is fantastic to think about. 

We have no release date information for iOS 17, but assuming Apple follows its typical pattern it will debut at WWDC in June with the official release launching alongside the iPhone 15 lineup in the fall. We hope Apple addresses some of the issues and lack of innovation that made some consumers unhappy

The other rumor of interest in the article is that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have more advanced image processing software than the iPhone 15 Pro, in addition to a superior version of the A17 Bionic chip, and enhanced vapor cooling. We are still over 7 months away from the presumed launch of the iPhone 15, but we will bring you all the rumors, info, and leaks to keep you informed along the way. 

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