Huge Galaxy S24 Ultra camera upgrade sinks iPhone 15's periscope (report)

Rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra based on leaked information
(Image credit: Technizo Concept)

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is reportedly getting a massive camera upgrade ahead of its expected 2024 launch. 

Samsung’s flagship smartphone is seen as the Android counterpart to the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and has already been subject to a series of high-end rumors including satellite connectivity, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a new titanium chassis. However, the latest rumor should spread joy among Samsung shutterbugs the world over. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra: Samsung’s super snapper

According to reputable leaker Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will be outfitted with a sizable 50MP, 3x optical zoom telephoto sensor. This is an impressive upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 10MP offering, and makes for an impressive pairing alongside the Ultra’s signature 200MP wide camera. 

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While the leaker in question has a proven track record of offering early insight into products before their launch, in July they also highlighted Korean sources claiming that the same lens would be left unchanged beyond a new 10x optical zoom. 


Given the nature of leaked information, it’s always wise to take things with a pinch of salt — at least until it can be further corroborated by other in-the-know tipsters. That being said, we’re still a ways away from the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s unveiling and both of these leaks could be accurate if Samsung has been trialing prototype devices.

We’ll have to wait for Samsung to officially unveil the Galaxy S24 Ultra to know for sure. Typically, we can expect that to happen in early 2024, when Samsung unveils its latest smartphone offerings at its February Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event.

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