Hands-On With the iSkin silo Slim: Hit the Subways in Style

iSkin’s new silo line of laptop bags lets your style speak for itself. Featuring three sizes and shapes---Slim, Tote, and Messenger—these bags come in five unique designs created by Cako Martin and Esther Sanchez, who have previously contributed artwork for various companies such as Levi's and Revive Health Clinic.

We recently got our hands on the silo Slim Happy Friends design, which features a collection of faces inspired by Japanese cartoons and street art depicting a variety of emotions. The bright colors and design create a refreshing look.

iSkin claims the bag will fit most 13 and 15-inch laptops, including Macs. We tested this with a 15.6 inch HP G62t notebook, which fit snugly inside with relative ease. The case is well padded with a nylon lining and has a minimalist curved shape. The adjustable soft-padded carrying strap felt comfortable and has ample length (34 to 61 inches from clip to clip). The handle sports a microfiber grip and is easy to hold.

The bag does have one zipper pouch, which iSkin says is for basic essentials -- and that’s literally all that’s going to fit inside. We could see squeezing in an iPod or a cell phone, but not a bulky power brick.

The silo Slim retails for $140 at www.iskin.com, which is on the pricier side, but you’re paying for the design and shape more than functionality. There is no question it is well-built and good looking, but fashion comes at a price, and requires you to sacrifice storage space.

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