Halo: MCC will get major updates in 2021 — PC file share, Steam linking and more

Halo: MCC devs will update the game in 2021 — PC file share, Steam linking and more
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What? You thought because Halo 4 and the rest of the Halo games made it to the Halo: MCC that it would be over? Nope. You'll have plenty of Halo to play with before Halo: Infinite launches. Halo: MCC devs have confirmed that it will continue updating the game throughout 2021. 

In a December 2020 update, the dev team talks about patches coming to the game today, which includes the addition of new armor sets as well as a bunch of bug fixes and the ability to filter chat. That's today, but here's what you can look forward to in 2021. 

Halo: MCC 2021 updates

Here are the updates that the dev team are currently working on for 2021:

  • View Model Adjustment for all games: On track for early 2021
  • Steam Account Linking: On track for early 2021
  • In-Game FPS Cap/Adjustments: More options coming in 2021
  • PC File Share: On track for early 2021
  • Additional Video Settings/Options: More options coming in 2021
  • Custom Game Browser: On track for early 2021
  • Double Key Binds for all games: On track for early 2021
  • Per Game Audio Options: This should be in flights in early 2021
  • Bringing PC Features to Console (Like FOV Sliders): We will communicate more on this next year, no hard timeline for when these features could be making their way to console

On top of that, there are several other features the team is implementing that are currently in the "design iteration" phase. Those include additional mod support, accessibility support, HDR support on PC, new season content, new Forge items and "all the super-secret features I’m not ready to talk about just yet."

Meanwhile, in the backlog lies a number of idle system improvements as well as the ability to split-screen on PC.

Throughout the blog, 343 Industries walks through the greatest hits of the game from the past year since its launch on PC. It's worth a glance or two if you're a big fan.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates coming to Halo: MCC as well as Halo: Infinite in 2021.

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