Halo Infinite's best feature is delayed again

Halo Infinite's best feature is delayed again
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

In its March 2022 update, 343 Industries announced that it has delayed Halo Infinite's Campaign co-op, pushing the game's best feature once again.

The developers are currently focusing on critical issues affecting the game, but its second priority is to ship the second season of Halo Infinite multiplayer as opposed to Campaign co-op. You know, the feature that basically made the Halo franchise what it is today.

Halo Infinite March update details

In 343 Industries' blog post, the company laid out its plans for addressing critical issues concerning the anti-cheat software as well as Spartan Career, which tracks player progression.

Season 2 of Halo Infinite multiplayer, Lone Wolves, will launch on May 3. Season 2 will deliver a mix of cinematics, story-themed events, Battle Pass items and more that embody the Lone Wolves theme. There will also be two new maps, Catalyst and Breaker, as well as new modes called Last Spartan Standing (a free-for-all elimination), Land Grab (details unknown), and King of the Hill, which is a staple of the series.

The company's third priority is Halo Infinite's co-op, Forge mode, and Season 3. 343 Industries claim that it's aiming to deliver Campaign network co-op later in Season 2. Meanwhile, Forge is slated to release with Season 3, but knowing 343 Industries' track record, I'm skeptical.

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