Halo Infinite dev team answers questions about Zeta Halo: What we learned

Halo Infinite
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The dev team behind Halo Infinite gathered for another Ask343 event where fans got to ask questions to 343 Industries about the game and what will be included in Zeta Halo.

Questions concerning day/night cycles, weather systems, wildlife and more were answered by Lead Sandbox Designer Quinn DelHoyo, Lead World Designer John Mulkey, Gameplay Director Troy Mashburn and Campaign Art Lead Justin Dinges.

Everything we know about Zeta Halo so far

The Q&A is long so keep that in mind when you play the above video. The short of it is that the day/night cycle will change how enemies look and react around the ring. The dynamic weather is limited to winds and fogs. There will be no hostile wildlife in the environment, but you'll see something like space gophers and birds. Also, during the night cycles, you'll see that some creatures have bioluminescent qualities. 

When the team was asked about bringing back dual-wielding weapons, the answer was basically no. And as far as the multiplayer and story goes, you won't be able to play Elites. There will be no weapon upgrades, but you can upgrade your equipment and find new weapon variants throughout the campaign.

The other interesting question was about biomes. The devs stated that the main biome is going to be the Pacific Northwest area on the ring, but within that, there will be sub-biomes, like high-altitude areas, swampy wetlands, war-torn areas, cave areas as well as the obvious techy forerunner areas.

And one of the more unprecedented features is the ability to knock things off of the edge of the ring, but it's not easy. There's a neat little summary on Reddit of the Q&A that you can read if you don't want to watch the entire video.

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