Google Pixel Fold teaser video is our first official look at the Galaxy Z Fold 4 rival

The Google Pixel Fold hits social media taking the internet by storm
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Google I/O is just days away and the tech giant is already teasing a highly anticipated, long-rumored product. This afternoon, Google tweeted a short video featuring the soon-to-be-launched Google Pixel Fold. Saying public reaction has been positive is an understatement. 

Google capitalized on the May 4th Jedi-themed festivities, typically filled with Star Wars fans humorously parroting "May the fourth be with you," with a clever "May the Fold with you" slogan. The video shows the Fold with a creamy white chassis and a rear triple-camera setup. We then see the upcoming foldable fully open, showing its thinness and rear camera bump. 

It may be one of the best product teases in history and connecting it to the long-running Star Wars mythos was a stroke of brilliance. Let's not forget Google also confirmed the phone's name via hashtag (#PixelFold), which rolls off the tongue a lot better than the "iPhone 14 Pro Max" and "Galaxy S23 Ultra" labels Apple and Samsung throws at us.

Google Pixel Fold

It's exciting to see the Pixel Fold — even if it's just a short video. The two significant things we can notice are how fragile it is and how Google was able to minimalize its rear camera bump, which houses its triple camera setup. Also, it's nice to see the foldable market gain another competitor that has delivered impressive hardware in the recent past. 

However, I refuse to be the Pixel Fold's boxing corner hype man; I'll remain steadfastly neutral until I get some hands-on experience with the flexible phone. With Google I/O is less than a week away, we were expecting to hear about the upcoming Pixel 7a, Android 14, and other popular Google products, but now we're on the edge of our seats as we wait to hear more about the highly anticipated Pixel Fold.

Many are excited for the Pixel Fold launch — and with good reason. Its debut could be the beginning of what could become the year of the foldable. (It's rumored that OnePlus will also roll out a foldable, too.) As we hear and learn more, we will share it with you, and remember, "May the Fold be with you." 

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