Google Pixel 8 leaks confirm new phone’s design — here’s what's new

Google Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro protective case renders
(Image credit: @Slashleaks)

Do you remember the excitement that built up before tech events? The anticipation over the announcement of the next big thing? The gleeful ignorance to what lay before you? The unbridled excitement of you and the rest of the world sharing a moment as all our eyes focus on the product of tomorrow in unison? Newsflash: those days are dead.

Since the advent of social media, you can’t even throw a garage sale without somebody tweeting about what’s going to be available in your driveway a day before you’ve set up shop. Google I/O is less than a month away and those of us who are terminally online have encountered more leaks than a boat made of Swiss cheese. The latest of which seemingly confirms the accuracy of insider tips about the designs and size of the Pixel 8/8Pro.

Case: solved

Previous leaks regarding Google’s soon-to-be-announced Pixel series 8 smartphones included high-quality renders of the products, the inclusion of staggered HDR camera technology, an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, a Tensor G3 chipset, and adjustments to screen size and resolution. All of which were supplied by reliable tipsters and insiders.

Today, leaked renders of protective cases for both handsets seem to confirm the design and dimensions of the devices, and further add to the credibility of the leaked information about the Pixel 8 series' internals as provided by similar sources.

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Google Pixel series 8 leaked specifications
Row 0 - Cell 0 Google Pixel 8Google Pixel 8 Pro
Display6.16-inches, AMOLED6.7-inches, AMOLED
Resolution2268 x 1080p2822 x 1344p
ChipsetTensor G3Tensor G3
OSAndroid 14Android 14
Dimensions150.5 x 70.8 x 8.9mm162.6 × 76.5 × 8.7mm


With every passing day, the amount of things Google can actually reveal at its May 10 Google I/O event seems to grow smaller, but there's still potential for a few surprises on the day. Especially with regard to the Pixel 8/8 Pro's battery, price, and more precise information about the Google Tensor G3 chipset.

However, at the rate information about Google's future products is leaking, I'll probably have those for you by lunchtime.

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