Get up to $200 in Samsung credit for reserving Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 — Today is your last chance!

Samsung Unpacked
(Image credit: Samsung)

Just one day to go before the Samsung Unpacked 2022 August event, but today is the last day to earn a $200 credit for reserving Samsung's latest products before they are announced.

We are expecting the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Watch 5, a new pair of Galaxy Buds, and possibly more. The reservation doesn't require you to put any money down and there is no obligation to buy, so if you have any interest in the products, then putting in your reservation takes less than a minute.

How to get $200 off your next Samsung preorder

How to get $200 off your next Samsung preorder
If you're thinking about picking up any of the devices that Samsung announces at Galaxy Unpacked then register your interest at Samsung now to get up to $200 in Samsung credit for your preorder. There will be strong trade-in opportunities on the day to drive prices down even further and signing up just takes a second.

How does the reservation credit work?

As long as you get your reservation in today, you are eligible for a $100 credit on a new Galaxy phone, $50 on a new Galaxy Watch, $30 on new Galaxy Buds, and if you go for the clean sweep, you get a $200 credit for all three.

The credits are available for use on any product on or through the Samsung Shop app, whether that's on the newly announced products or any other Samsung product you've had your eye on.

The only catch is that you need to order your devices through Samsung, but this is an outstanding deal for anyone already considering anything from Samsung's lineup. This deal will also stack with other bundle and trade-in offers through Samsung, so if you think there is any chance that you are going to be swayed by Samsung's new foldables, wearables or earbuds, take the time today to put in your reservation.

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