G Styled: The Toshiba mini NB505 – Now That's A Sexy Netbook!

You know something, you can never do wrong with trying to bribe me with a Toshiba laptop/netbook product. Before I moved on to my Apple Macbook Pro (for purely power and status reasons) my PC home was Toshiba. With that being said, I'll always be excited to review a Toshiba laptop or netbook.

OK now I know when I reviewed the Dell Inspiron Duo netbook, I said that I thought the whole Netbook thing was been there, done that. But the mini NB505 is sexy enough to get a pass. I mean right out the gate, this thing is uber light! It is 2.9 pounds, but it felt like it weighed less than that. When I'm out and on the move I hate carrying stuff, but with this I could see myself holding it all day without stress.

At first look, it is slim, sexy, and colorful. Just like with the Lenovo IdeaPad U260, the teal coloring wouldn't haven't been my first choice of hue, but it works for the NB505. I like the teal on it, and you know what? It has a rubberized feel! Yes the world would be a better place if every gadget was rubberized!

Now it isn't all peaches & cream with the NB505 -- there are a couple items I wasn't exactly fond of. For one, the power button, um horrible location. Yes it might appear sleek right in the middle of the hinge, but man I had a hard time pushing it in that spot.

Then there are the palm rests. The design of the palm rests mirrors that of the cover, so I assumed it would be rubberized as well. Nope I was deceived, it had a cheap plastic feel! I mean, come on Toshiba. Don't start off with the rubber and then get cheap on the inside, let the rubber flow!

Other than these minor items, overall the Toshiba NB505 is one sexy little netbook. Light, slim, attractive, and easy to carry around. You'll want to introduce her (I mean it) to your friends!

Toshiba mini NB505 G Style Rating: Fashion Forward

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