Fortnite will screen a Christopher Nolan film — we've reached peak quarantine

Fortnite will screen a Christopher Nolan film
(Image credit: Epic Games)

As if quarantine couldn't get any more bizarre, Epic Games will be screening one of Christopher Nolan's films within Fortnite, as revealed during the Tenet trailer premiere.

After interviewing Tenet's lead actor John David Washington, Geoff Keighley teased the event, stating it would be an "iconic Christopher Nolan full-length feature film." Epic Games has yet to reveal which film it is.

Fortnite + Christopher Nolan film = Peak quarantine

I mean... It's gotta be The Dark Knight, right? Sure, most of Nolan's films are iconic one way or another, but considering that Epic Games and DC have already collaborated to bring Batman himself into Fortnite, I can't imagine it being anything else.

Epic Games also recently tied in a promotion for the Birds of Prey film as well (which is awesome by the way, it deserves your time). It's unclear when exactly the screening will take place, but it'll be sometime this summer.

I've personally never participated in one of Fortnite's many wild events like this, but I will definitely be around to watch any Christopher Nolan film while a bunch of gamers attempt to swing their pickaxes at my head.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming screening.

Rami Tabari

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