EA games on current-gen consoles could be 'upgraded free' to Xbox Series X, PS5

EA games will be 'upgraded free' to Xbox Series X, PS5
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The period when consoles jump from one generation to the next has always been weird, awkward and challenging -- kind of like puberty. But according to EA COO Blake Jorgensen, that transition will be a lot easier, as EA games will be "upgraded free" to Xbox Series X and PS5 if you own them on the previous generation.

On an EA earnings call last night, Jorgensen noted a possible effect on revenue "from the games we are launching for the current generation of consoles that can also be upgraded free for the next generation."

How EA games will be upgraded to Xbox Series X, PS5

Thanks to Xbox Series X's Smart Delivery feature, which lets players buy an Xbox One title and get its Xbox Series X counterpart for free, EA's plan to upgrade cross-gen games for free is likely to be pretty easy.

However, it's unclear how this transition will work going from a PS4 to a PS5. Sony hasn't announced a feature that functions how Smart Delivery does, and it's unclear if Sony has any incentive to create one.

EA would have to figure out a way to offer PS5 codes to players who've already purchased those games on the PS4. Despite the confusing logistics, it's nice to see that game companies are stepping up to actively make this transition easier on all gamers.

If you want to hear some more announcements, Xbox is having an event today at 11 am ET, so be sure to tune in to our Xbox Series X games event hub page, which we will continuously update throughout the event.

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