DuckDuckGo browser lands on macOS — how to download the privacy-first browser

DuckDuckGo browser lands on macOS — how to download the privacy-first browser
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DuckDuckGo, the privacy-minded company behind the search engine and popular mobile browser, has a public beta of its browser now available for macOS. DuckDuckGo prides itself on keeping user data private by using protections such as privacy search, website encryption, and email protection. 

The team at DuckDuckGo has now created the same safety and privacy for macOS users, and here's how you can take part in the company's public beta. 

How to Install DuckDuckGo beta on your Mac

Head over to DuckDuckGo.

Currently, there is only a macOS version available but fear not, for Windows users, one is in development for your team as well and should be available in the near future. In its introduction blog post the team at DuckDuckGo highlighted the following: 

  • DuckDuckGo for Mac gives you privacy by default.
    It features a built-in private search engine, tracker blocking, pop-up protection on roughly 50% of websites, a one-click data clearing button, email protection and more.
  • DuckDuckGo for Mac is really fast!
    By using the same rendering engine as Safari and blocking trackers before they load, DuckDuckGo claims it will offer faster performance than Chrome and use approximately 60% less data.
  • DuckDuckGo for Mac is built for security.
    Built-in Smarter Encryption automatically directs you to the encrypted version of a website (the HTTPS version) and combined with the tracker blocking you will get fewer 3rd party scripts coming for your data. In addition, the browser stores all of your data locally by default (e.g., history, bookmarks and passwords), so DuckDuckGo never has access to your data.

Secure browsing is a great step if you value your privacy online, but if you're seeking even more security and privacy protection you should consider one of the best VPN services. Even with a browser like DuckDuckGo for Mac your internet service provider can still see your web activity. If you're a gamer we also have a best gaming VPN services with you in mind.

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