Doom Eternal update adds new features and gameplay enhancements

Doom Eternal Update 1 is here
Doom Eternal (Image credit: id Software)

Bethesda's Doom Eternal Update 1 is now live on all gaming platforms, so brace yourself for exciting new gameplay. According to the Doom Eternal Update patch notes, players can expect loads of new features and enhancements to one of the best PC games in 2020

Doom Eternal now has Empowered Demons, Echelon leveling, and a Favorite Code option. There are also single-player changes as well as Battlemode quality-of-life improvements, and more.

The new Doom Eternal update is available on PC, PS4, Xbox, and cloud gaming platforms, like Stadia and Steam. In a PC-only update, Denuvo Anti-Cheat software is required for playing Battlemode.

Doom Eternal Update new features: 

Empowered Demons: In Doom Eternal's single-player campaign, when a player gets slain, the demon who did away with them transports to another player’s game. You'll get tons of health, ammo, and bonus XP rewards for taking out one of these empowered demons. 

Echelon Leveling: You'll earn your first Echelon when you complete Doom Level 250. It unlocks a unique badge, which indicates your rank to other players. For each new Echelon you achieve, your Doom level resets to 1 and you'll get another insignia.

Favorite Code: Doom Eternal's new favorite code feature lets you add friends to your Favorites. Simply use a Favorite Code in the Social Menu to build your list. 

Precious Metals Event: From now until June 18, Doom Eternal's latest in-game event lets you unlock new player and weapons skins, player icons, and nameplates. Flaunt your character in the Gold Marauder skin, Luxury Super Shotgun skin, or MC Pain Elemental Master Collection. 

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