Chromebooks outsold MacBooks in 2020 — that's why Google is launching 50 more this year

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook
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Chromebook sales blew up in 2020 as students and workers scrambled for budget-friendly laptops as they transitioned to a work-from-home lifestyle. According to Google, Chrome OS sales skyrocketed by 92% year-over-year, replacing macOS as the second-largest operating system after Windows 10.

Recognizing the gargantuan demand for Chromebooks, Google announced that 50 new Chromebooks will hit the market this year (via AndroidPolice).

Google to launch 50 Chromebooks in 2021

Google announced its ambitious Chromebook plans during its virtual "What's new in Chrome OS" virtual keynote. 

Google Product Manager Sanjay Nathwani claimed that Chromebooks launched by top laptop makers (e.g. Acer, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell and Samsung) are "being used in more than one-third of the countries all around the world."

Chromebooks have evolved into being a more versatile, innovative class of laptops that support cutting-edge technology, including 4K OLED displays (Samsung recently launched the world's first QLED Chromebook in the Galaxy Chromebook 2), LTE connectivity, and striking stylus capabilities. Thanks to the booming success of Chromebooks in 2020, Google revealed that 50 new Chromebooks are expected to launch this year.

Google insinuated that there will be a Chromebook for everyone with its new army of Chrome OS laptops arriving, so you should be covered whether you're a student, educator, business owner or employee. Targeting students, Google announced that it will introduce a new interactive magazine for young Chrome OS users this summer.

"Our first issue will introduce kids to a collection of amazing tools for game design on Chromebooks," Nathwani said.

Google also addressed one of the issues that often plague Chromebooks: app incompatibility. The search-engine giant boasted that more developers are optimizing their Android apps for large-screen devices. Nathwani highlighted apps such as Minecraft Edu and Adobe Sparks as platforms that have been recently optimized for Chrome OS.

"We're working to make Chromebook-optimized apps more discoverable in the Google Play app," Nathwani said, promising that it will be easier for ChromeOS users to find the best-performing apps for their laptops.

As Chromebooks continue to address and rectify their flaws, Microsoft better watch out. ChromeOS outsold MacBooks worldwide last year and it's only a matter of time before the well-received operating system becomes a threat to Windows, especially now that Windows 10X is dead.

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