Chrome might abandon this highly-anticipated dark mode feature

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Google has recently made a handful of changes to its dark mode experience, ensuring users can leisurely browse without going completely blind. However, with Chrome 86, it seems Google will scrap one of its best features — a darker theme forced on any websites you visit, regardless of whether that website supports it. 

This was an exciting feature, as it ensured the dark mode experience could remain consistent and Chrome users wouldn't have to suddenly shield their eyes when a website was brighter than anticipated. 

Google's decision to roll back the forced dark mode was discovered by Android Police, which noticed that the latest version of Chrome Canary (a development build used to test the latest and greatest additions to Chrome) no longer possessed flags indicating the forced dark mode's existence.

Scrapping this project may be upsetting, but it's entirely possible that Google just couldn't get it to work properly. It's easy to imagine how difficult it would be to force a website into dark mode, as that would mean all color codes would automatically need to change. Most websites operate on a white background with black text, but dark mode requires a black background with white text. 

Things get even more complicated when you consider other colors in the spectrum along with how images blend in with backgrounds. This could have easily lead to a handful of broken websites, and this is likely the reason why Google abandoned the project.

We likely won't see a return of this dark mode when Chrome 86 goes stable this fall, but it might spring up again in the future if Google figures out a more reasonable method of implementing it.

Momo Tabari
Contributing Writer

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