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Be a Gmail chameleon! You can now create multiple signatures for outgoing emails

(Image credit: Google)

You're no longer stuck with one fixed signature at the bottom of your outgoing emails. Google recently announced that it's now possible to create multiple signatures for your Gmail account for a more adaptable experience (via Neowin).

G Suite and personal Gmail users will be able to store signatures in three different categories: personal, condensed and work. You can have a casual, playful signature stored as your personal signature, for example, and for work, you can create a more professional-looking signature to emanate a "serious" tone with business contacts.

Google pointed out that having multiple default signatures for new emails and replies helps users who communicate in different languages.

The search-engine giant explained that you can create multiple signatures in Gmail by heading to Settings (gear icon) > Settings > General. Then, scroll down to the Signature section and click Create New to input your desired signatures. If you'd like to activate one of your created signatures, or switch between signatures, click on the pen icon, which is before the dollar sign symbol.

(Image credit: Google)

Don't worry if you don't have the ability to create multiple signatures just yet. Google said that it's rolling out the feature over the coming weeks, and it will take some time for the option to be available for all devices.