Gmail Finally Gets Scheduled Emails: Here's How It Works

Google's Gmail is turning 15 on Apr. 1. And to celebrate that birthday, the company has some new features planned for its popular email platform.

In a blog post on Monday (Apr. 1), Google's Director of Product Management at G Suite Jacob Bank outlined a variety of new features coming to Gmail. Most notably, Google is rolling out a new Write Now, Send Later feature that lets you write important e-mails whenever you want and now have the option of scheduling them to send at a later time. 

When the feature is turned on for your account, you'll see a new drop-down arrow in the Send box when you're composing a message in the browser. After writing your message, click the drop-down arrow and choose "Schedule Send." A time-and-date selector will then appear, allowing you to choose when you can send your e-mail. Gmail will then send the message at your requested time.

Bank also revealed that the company is expanding its Smart Compose service, which helps users draft new emails without needing to type in repetitive words and phrases, to Android. Bank added that the feature will be made available to iOS users "soon."

Google says that Smart Compose is catching on with Gmail users. The feature predicts what users want to say and suggests a word or phrase that they can input with a single button press. According to Bank, it saves Gmail users from needing to type 1 billion characters each week.

In addition to a new mobile rollout, Bank said that Smart Compose will now intelligently adapt to how you write and stay in your voice. It'll also evaluate a message's content and suggest a subject line.

Looking ahead, Bank said that Google will continue to work on Gmail to make it "even smarter and more useful" for its users. He didn't say when all of the features would be available, but since updates often roll out over time, you might see it pop up in Gmail sooner than later.

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