Battlefield 6 debut set for June 9 — here is what to expect

Battlefield 6
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EA announced that a massive Battlefield 6 event is officially set for June 9, giving gamers a better look at the expected destructible environments, dynamic weather, and futuristic warfare coming to the hugely anticipated shooter.

The official Battlefield Twitter account teased the big reveal in a short clip, with the gameplay trailer arriving next week on Wednesday, kicking off at 7am PDT,  4pm CEST, and 2pm GMT. 

The tweet was followed by a link to the official Battlefield YouTube channel, so keep an eye out there for a possible livestream and gameplay footage. Finally, we'll get a better look at what's to come compared to the few snippets we got from the allegedly leaked gameplay trailer.

That being said, if you do want a sneak peek at what to expect, someone stitched these photos together to create a stop motion-style video

What to expect 

Battlefield 6 is without a doubt one of the most hyped next-gen PS5 games and Xbox Series X games around, and if previous rumors are anything to go by, BF6 is looking to impress.

While the June 9 reveal is expected to give us details on when it will be released, we expect the shooter to drop sometime in November 2021. EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated Dice's upcoming title will launch during the 2021 holiday season.

From the leaked gameplay trailer, BF6 is expected to take place in a near-future setting or be set in modern warfare — possibly akin to Battlefield 2142. The trailer showed off a rocket launch happening on an island in Japan that ended in explosions. The point of view is from a helicopter and there are some fighter planes approaching. However, we could very well be getting a completely different reveal trailer next week.

According to Wilson, gamers can expect "more players than ever before" playing on one map. Well-regarded leaker Tom Henderson indicated these maps are being "designed with 128+ players in mind.” If Henderson is to be believed, BF6 will take full advantage of the power of Sony's and Microsoft's next-gen consoles.

EA and Dice have kept their lips shut on any details, making June 9 a big day for BF6 fans. In the meantime, you can find out all we know so far about Battlefield 6.

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